iPhone vs Android

We switched from iPhones to droids a year ago, right before I came down to Texas to visit Brian. It was strange and awesome. We each had an iPhone 4. We both switched to Samsung Galaxy 2’s. I got my Galaxy Note 2 last year for my birthday after repeated exchanges of my old phone. Then, I had to exchange my Note, it was all just a downhill drive on a winding road.

My biggest issue with the last phone I had, the thing wouldn’t charge. When it did, it wouldn’t hold it. Damn thing!! It was getting ridiculous. I mean, 8 hour shifts at work and I am working and the thing was ready to die on my way home.

We had T-Mobile. It had unlimited internet on the phones, but we had such poor service at our apartment, just texting or making a phone call was a chore. God forbid you wanted to check Facebook! Since I had a more upgraded phone, I had 4G LTE but with one bar and it would switch frequently to just 4G and tell me I had no internet. It was so frustrating!! So, we did what any reasonable person would do that didn’t have a contract, we shopped around.

Verizon, ha! We had them once, their service is great, if you don’t want to actually use a smartphone for the internet. For my usage, it was $300 for data alone! No thank you!!

We looked online at a few other carriers, but I knew I would need the data that I was used to, unlimited. Currently, their are only two companies in the area that offer that: T-Mobile and Sprint. So, we went to Sprint! There, we looked at phones, talked to a guy about a car phone plans, talked about phones with him and settled it, we were switching. I was going to have to say good bye to my birthday present.

We all got an iPhone 5C, the kid included. Pink, blue, and green. Any guesses on who got what? (Here is a hint: no adults got pink!) We I also got a new tablet, a “free” (with 2 year agreement only on the tablet) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I had a Galaxy Tab 2, but we are getting rid of it for cheaper payments (monthly bill). I didn’t have to say good bye completely to my android platform. Thank god.

It is weird having an iPhone again, but it is like riding a bike, you just pick it up again. I like a lot of the new features the new platform has, it has been so long since we had iPhones that it has changed. The small screen is a learning curve, so it not using swipe to type. Those are the biggest.

I am so over switching phones though. I will have to report back after I have had this phone for awhile, I am not for or against one or the other over one, however, it has been nice not having to worry about my phone going dead before I get off work!


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