Fit Check In


Yup, I have lost 5 pounds. This was a weigh in on my 2 weeks in date. It doesn’t seem like much to some, but when I have been consistently at the same weight or more, it’s huge to me.

I can’t really notice that much of a difference in my whole body, but I can tell more in my face. Like, I lost a chin that had been hanging out for too long.

I know when I first blogged about this, I was all gung-ho about counting calories and tracking my activities. I do track when I go for my long walks with Lucky still, or should I say my longer pulls with Lucky. (He is keeping me up to a pace over 3 mph like a good little doggy). So yes, I can walk a mile in less than 20 minutes. I sweat while I am at it!


However, I counted calories for a week before I got overwhelmed.

During that week, I learned a lot. Like where a ton of my calorie intake is at and how to avoid it. I also broke out my scale to measure out things. Like this meal:


I could see where I was at with portion sizes and where I need to work on when I did that. Except when you are trying to lose weight the healthy way after being unhealthy for so long, if you get overwhelmed, like I did, take a look at what isn’t helping. Cut that out keep what is working.

I know how to lose weight, but I don’t put my knowledge to use. Like, I have known for a long time that using a smaller plate and not the typical “dinner” plate can trick your brain into thinking you are eating a larger portion when really, it’s either smaller or the same size. I don’t remember what it was but it helps me eat less.

I also know that drinking soda is a lot of empty calories. That doesn’t stop me from drinking it. This is actually an issue. I get headaches if I don’t have some soda in my day. I am not a coffee drinker though. Baby steps on this.

I also know that sometimes people eat just when they are bored or lonely. I am working on this and if I feel like I need a snack, I try to go for a lower calorie snack vs more empty calories. I also know that sometimes when you think you are hungry, you really need a tall glass of water. If you are still hungry, then you are probably actually hungry.

These are some of the things I know and am trying to work on. I spoke with my dad the other day about switching to water and he gave me some helpful insights.

The other thing I am working on, walking at night when it is cooler with the dog. He needs the exercise as much as I do, but he likes it. He really sets my pace and alerts me to anything I may not hear or sense. I use my headphones when I walk because music helps. Yes, I jumped in with a mile walk, but the first mile took me 26 minutes. The next time, I was focused and ready (appropriate shorts, sports bra, headphones on, iHome armband) and we shaved 6 mins off! I added almost a quarter mile to that and it only took us 3 more minutes! It’s crazy. I remember in high school my mile was never that short. I have never been athletic.

Small changes in our lifestyle is making a bigger impact. Yes, walking more will help this, but I want it to become a habit for life not just something I have to do, I want it to be something I want to do. Lucky will build a better stamina with me.



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