Happy Father’s Day!! 2014

I am lucky. I have the kind of Dad people dream of. Yes, we have had some rough patches, mostly from my teenage years and after, but he has always been there for me.


He and I don’t always see eye to eye, but I know he loves me. He taught me how to be a good parent to my own child. I still catch myself saying things he used to say to me, but I am saying them to my own daughter. He taught me what to look for in a father for my own daughter.


I chose well. Brian has been a great dad to Charity. His dad has taught him well. I am grateful for this. Charity did lack in the dad department for many years, but Brian has more than made up for that. A conversation with my own dad can tell him that if Charity is anything like her mom, she will hit those strong-willed teenage years and what Brian has to look forward to. Poor guy.


I just want to say thank you to my own dad, for teaching me what I needed to look for in a husband and father to my child. Thank you to my husband for being a wonderful dad to our daughter and a wonderful husband. Also, thank you to his dad, my father-in-law for being a great dad to Brian and showing him how to be a great father and being a great father-in-law.

Happy Father’s Day!



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