Tell All Tuesday!!


Ok, maybe not all but something! Basically, just a day where I confess something. Something y’all may not know or that could be surprising. Probably just something small.

So, today’s confession… I have never made a hard boiled egg. Ever. One Easter, we made dyed eggs, Brian hard boiled them. I am not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs so I have never had the desire to make them.

Well, I had this crazy idea to make potato salad. see where I am going? The recipe I chose has hard boiled eggs, like most do. I bought all the ingredients for said potato salad. They are still in my pantry. No potato salad has been made due to my lack of egg cooking skills. Sorry Brian and Charity.

Can you make hard boiled eggs? What kinds of eggs can you make? I can do fried, scrambled, and omelets. Brian says the omelets don’t count. Also, I can whip the hell out of them and make meringue and mayonnaise, depending, but not hard boiled. Tell me I am not alone!



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