Tell All Tuesday #2


Today’s confession isn’t nearly as scandalous as last week’s. I mean, come on, I did a brief stint in culinary school, I am the main cook in the house, and I am married to a chef! You would think I would know how or have made hard boiled eggs!! Ok, enough of that.

Today, I am going to confess my secret love of putting together stuff. I realized the other day that usually if something needs hung or furniture is needing to be put together, as long as I can do it all myself, I do. Brian is handy himself, but I do the majority of it. The only thing I can think of that I didn’t put together all by myself is Charity’s bed. It required more than one person.

Another reason why I do most of the hanging: Brian likes to just put things on the wall with no rhyme or reason, just to get it up there! I am not saying I am perfect at it, just better. (Sorry, Brian!!)

Who does most of the handy work at your house? We got a light recently and I couldn’t put it up because we were screwing things into the ceiling. Do you enjoy putting things together? Do tell!



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