20 Amazing Things That Happened In My 20’s

In case you aren’t related to me, today is my birthday. I am no longer in my 20’s. So, to remember my 20’s and kick off my 30’s, I am doing a post about the amazing things that happened in my 20’s!

In no particular order:
1. I met the most amazing man. A man I can proudly call a father to our children.
2. I married the amazing man mentioned in #1.
3. I realized I am an alcoholic. And I got help! this is no easy feat, but I did it.
4. I realized my true passion in life. Thankfully, I am pretty damn good at it. If you don’t know what this is, its baking. I love it.
5. I followed my dreams and have been selling baked goods since November 2013. I have also been successful at it.
6. I went back to school. I didn’t finish, but let’s not dwell on that!
7. I proved to myself, for myself, that I am smart. And I made the Dean’s List 3 times!
8. I lost everything, yet came back stronger. Not saying things still aren’t hard, but I know that I can make it.
9. I got a second chance with my daughter. I get to be what my mom never was, a true mother.
10. I actually celebrated my birthday. 3 times!! Twice while sober and…once was my 21st birthday, before I got sober.
11. Although I am not there physically, I have been able to watch my best friend get one of life’s greatest gifts. Something we weren’t sure would ever happen for her.
12. I moved out of my hometown.
13. Then, I moved away from the safety net that is family, to Texas. Somewhere I had never even visited.
14. I learned who I am. What makes me happy. Without that, I couldn’t have done #2 (not poop, #2 on this list)
15. I learned that I truly love animals. Mostly dogs because I am allergic to cats, but cats are fun too.
16. I got tattoos.
17. I went to a strip club, for the first time. It was…interesting.
18. I started thinking outside the box, especially when it comes to cooking and making my home a home.
19. I learned how to love. Myself, others, animals, and food.
20. I learned how to have fun, without alcohol and sometimes even without money.


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