Don’t take it for granted

Last year, I had the luxury of being in a completely different state when Brian opened the steakhouse. I was here shortly after and am now remembering the long hours of that. This year, he is opening another restaurant/bar and I am here for all of it. He is working his tail off and has been putting in some really long hours and days. We are lucky in the respect that sometimes, they didn’t need him and he was able to come home early. Of course, before it opened, he was also able to take days off.

Now that the soft opening is out of the way and the grand opening is coming up (Friday), the days are long and the loneliness of being a chef’s wife is a constant state. This is also made even more so with other factors, like having one car, not really knowing anyone from here, Charity being out of state, not having a job, etc. This is all just been amplified. It sucks. We are fighting more and getting more defensive than usual. It’s normal. We love each other, I have never doubted that, just the long hours can wear on a couple. I can tell that I am not alone in this feeling because Brian has been extra exhausted these last few days. It is a part of being a chef’s wife, I know.

I honestly cannot wait for things to calm down at work for him. I need my husband back, not just the exhausted shell of a man that I married. The one who loves our life and not the one who gets irritated that the dogs want pets when he first walks in the door. They haven’t changed, his hours have and they crave more attention now than they did when he works normal hours.

If you are seeing your spouse more than I am, give them an extra hug because I would love to be able to do that with my own spouse. Don’t take it for granted.


2 thoughts on “Don’t take it for granted

  1. You just described my life 6 years ago when we moved up to Seattle. One car, husband opening a new restaurant, no job (stayed home with the kids) . . . I remember it well!! Hang in there!! I hope you are able to get to the restaurant on Friday night or some time soon so you can share in the excitement. 🙂

    • That’s what I was looking for, it’s hard to share in the excitement of the restaurant opening when you aren’t there in the thick of it! You just hear about it all and its great but as wives/spouses/significant others, we put a lot into the opening too. We have to give up a lot and unless you see the excitement, it’s more of a let down.

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