Making it over!!

So, Charity is back and I couldn’t be happier!! Although, this also means that the attitude is back and so is the “I’m bored!!” šŸ˜ I am not a fan of this, but I do love her so, there is that.

Her room has been woefully lacking. She has a bed, a desk, a desk chair, bean bag, plastic drawer thing, and our old click clack couch (that needs to be fixed, but sits on the floor).

She has less than 2 weeks before school starts and since we made the final decision to stay here, I wanted to help her make her room, her.

While she was gone, I was looking for ways to do simple upgrades, stuff that doesn’t cost a whole lot. So, I went to my favorite place to look for inspiration, Pinterest! I found lots of ideas and we are starting on some!

Today’s project was a simple one. We She bought some washi tape at Target that matches her new comforter she got in Missouri. We picked it out for a different project but we have enough to do a simple upgrade.

The bedrooms and the dining room have ceiling fans. They are blah šŸ˜’ boring white wood looking things. So, we applied the tape to create 3 stripes on them. I did unscrew them, while the switch was off and had Charity wipe them down to prep them. Once they were dry, we added the first stripe. Then, we added another color stripe and the final color. I didn’t take them all down at once, instead opting to go every other one with only two off at a time.

A few things:
ā—¾ I started off just doing one and was going to measure them all, instead it was easier to just lay a blank one next to a finished one.
ā—¾ The tape isn’t perfectly straight, I am ok with that because it was just something for us to do together.
ā—¾ None of them are “perfect” I am a perfectionist and it bothered me at first, but again, it was more about doing something together. And I can’t really tell once they were all back up.

Anyone else finishing up some projects around the house? Anyone else with boring fans? We rent, so there is no painting them!

As we go, I am hoping to get more projects up!


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