Grey’s Anatomy

Wow. This season has been a roller coaster. I have missed quite a bit of it due to work. I knew that watching it would be had due to April’s pregnancy complications and the fact that Arizona is now a fellow for someone who operates on babies still in the womb. It’s tough as a loss mama.

However, I am more able to handle this now than I was a 2 years ago or even a year ago. I am not healed. I will never stop missing our babies. I just handle it better.

My job helps in some ways. I have my dream job, maybe not at my dream location, but I am doing something I truly love. It has its rough moments. I get sad by my job and have even had a panic attack. Thankfully, even though my coworkers don’t know me very well, there is one who has at least been helpful.

How do you cope? Complete avoidance? That never worked for me.


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