Sauce and a Fire

So, I told you I had a funny story. Or maybe you never knew it was funny. Right now, it’s funny. In the moment, it wasn’t so much.

So, I bought an assload bunch of tomato sauce, ok, more like 5 cans and 2 cans of tomatoes. See?


Tom Thumb was having an amazing sale. I think I know why too. You really shouldn’t eat heavy ass pasta in the heat of summer. It only makes you hotter. Moving on…it was a dollar a can. SOLD! I thought that buying a bunch, making a lot of spaghetti sauce and freeze it. Good idea! Except, it’s like 100+ degrees in Arlington. I went on with the plan. So, I got my pan (I really need a 3 quart sauce pan) and put my oil in it.


I put it on the burner and turned it on. I started opening all 7 of my cans after I got my spices together. Then, sauce happened. Yup, I got tomato sauce on my shirt, right after I was thinking I should put on an apron. So, I ducked into the bathroom to put on a darker shirt. I step into the kitchen to a poof and the burner pan catching fire. Really? WTF?! So, I move the pan, shut off the burner and… I blew on it. Ha! Didn’t work. I also turned on the fan. Thankfully, my kitchen is small and the cups and sink is nearby. Nothing was harmed, except the burner pan. Oops. Also, there was a swear word thrown in.


So, I took a break and ended up making a giant batch of spaghetti sauce. I put some aside for the homemade pizza later this week and for dinner last night. I also have 4 batches for spaghetti and one for another pizza in the freezer. Yup, I made a bunch. So, it was a dollar for each batch. I had all other ingredients on hand.

I also wound up making a large batch of spaghetti last night. For some reason, I sometimes think I am a cooking for a small army. I made that much. So, for a change, I took it up to Brian’s work for him and his Sous chef. On the way there, I had a momentary freak out. I was taking my homemade spaghetti sauce to not just my husband, but another chef. Crap. Oh well.

There really is nothing saying that just because you married a chef, you are automatically an amazing cook. Nope. I have to work on it. And taste everything, more than once. I screw up, Brian will tell you’re have had some flops. It happens, all the time, even to chefs. Either way, I am glad they liked it, cause I have more where that came from!

So, that’s the story. And it was the first time I have caught a stove on fire, that wasn’t gas.

xoxo jes

The List!

The other night, we sat down and made a master list of things we want/need for our apartment. I actually started the list and showed it to B. We then circled our “must haves”. So here is the list!
C’s Room

-bed frame (found one at ikea we like)*
-dresser (hopefully can find this secondhand)*
-accessories (wall decor, etc. I will be making some of this) 
-desk chair (possibly ikea, or a folding chair if B had his way)*
-nightstand (maybe secondhand) 
-desk (ikea)*
-bed skirt (I want to make it)

Found here

-wall (since her room is open to the living room, we want to use a drop cloth to create a wall for privacy for everyone)*
-gate (to help keep Lucky out)*
-under the bed storage
-comforter (I want to make her a rag quilt)
Found here
-mirror (she is getting older and we need to support her on wanting to look good. We hope to create a vanity zone for her to keep the bathroom open)*


-shower curtain (yea, we don’t even have one! I found this one I like)*
-shower curtain liner (we just need a new one)*


-dog bed* (or a pillow, he likes pillows)


-built-ins (there is an open space meant to be used as a table, we don’t use it like that so I will build shelves for both sides for added storage)*

Living Room

-coffee table (Possibly this one from Ikea)
-wall shelf (to display my camera collection)
-TV stand (we like one we found at Ikea, but we are thinking of getting a dresser secondhand to use for the storage possibilities it offers, down the line, we might get a regular one)*
-rug (I have been looking all over for one that I like…no luck yet)
-lamp (I have found a few I like at target and Ikea)
-shelving unit (We really like all the storage with this one)*
-chair (possibly secondhand or at ikea)
-surround sound
-couch (we saw this one on display and LOVE it, it will be replacing our current couch down the line)



Office Chair I picked up at a Thrift Store

carpet shampooer

* –Items we are going to work on first.
Thats it in a nutshell, we have lots of things we want to work on and I hope that some of this stuff can be knocked out. I will share projects and ideas as they come along. For now, I have no idea what I am going to do to the chair. I am thinking of decoupaging it and adding a pillow. Thoughts?

Quick! Write this down!

We have to document it!

Ok, it isn’t that rare. B made supper at home 2 nights in a row! Last night and tonight. Tacos and brats! Love the man!

It was the first time he has made dinner for all of us since we moved here. Yesterday, he went all out. We were going to have taco salad, but we got to El Rancho to take advantage of some great deals, a guy gave us a freshly made package of tortillas, still hot. Only $1.99! So, along with that, we got some tomatoes (romas for $.98 for 2 pounds!), Jalapeños, limes, lettuce and some of their beef for tacos. We picked up other things too, but the allure of fresh tortillas and homemade salsa was too good for us not to have tacos. B also got a couple avocados later to make homemade guacamole. My favorite.

Really, we wound up going to 3 stores after making our list and checking ads for the best deals and only spent $100 for 2 weeks worth of groceries for 3 people. Now, we didn’t get cereal or milk or eggs, but those can easily be picked up (the Aldis here has milk for $1.99). So still not much more than our initial budget. The eggs will allow me to make cookies and other snacks (we have mixes on hand).

I only made one thing for our meal yesterday: jicama Slushies made from jicama Kool-Aid found at El Rancho. It was a hit! I love going there to get flavors and things you can’t find anywhere else (Pineapple Kool-Aid? Mango Peach? Yes please!)

Anyone else go to special stores just for amazing items that are otherwise hard to find?