Don’t take it for granted

Last year, I had the luxury of being in a completely different state when Brian opened the steakhouse. I was here shortly after and am now remembering the long hours of that. This year, he is opening another restaurant/bar and I am here for all of it. He is working his tail off and has been putting in some really long hours and days. We are lucky in the respect that sometimes, they didn’t need him and he was able to come home early. Of course, before it opened, he was also able to take days off.

Now that the soft opening is out of the way and the grand opening is coming up (Friday), the days are long and the loneliness of being a chef’s wife is a constant state. This is also made even more so with other factors, like having one car, not really knowing anyone from here, Charity being out of state, not having a job, etc. This is all just been amplified. It sucks. We are fighting more and getting more defensive than usual. It’s normal. We love each other, I have never doubted that, just the long hours can wear on a couple. I can tell that I am not alone in this feeling because Brian has been extra exhausted these last few days. It is a part of being a chef’s wife, I know.

I honestly cannot wait for things to calm down at work for him. I need my husband back, not just the exhausted shell of a man that I married. The one who loves our life and not the one who gets irritated that the dogs want pets when he first walks in the door. They haven’t changed, his hours have and they crave more attention now than they did when he works normal hours.

If you are seeing your spouse more than I am, give them an extra hug because I would love to be able to do that with my own spouse. Don’t take it for granted.


Family Time!

Since B has to work Father’s Day, we spent a good portion of today all together. B and C did get up for a little father/daughter time by having breakfast together. I try to encourage them to do something without me because they hardly spend time just the two of them.

They picked me up after breakfast and we were off! We did hit up Michaels Arts and Crafts at B’s request. His only wish for Father’s Day was to get his two reviews framed and a couple menus with pictures in them. I was happy to oblige. I felt a little weird because his step mom frames for a living.

Thankfully, due to 40% off frames and piling on an additional 25% off the frames, we came in under $35 for 3 frames and tape.

Then, we hit up Walmart. C got spoiled with some new dresses and cheap summer clothes. We were able to get some good deals. I got a water bottle (I have a tendency to not drink enough of the stuff). And we finally got an alarm clock (pictured below).

We actually have needed an alarm clock for almost a year and a half. We had 2 at one point and have one to C and the other… disappeared? We found a new one that we both agreed on. I love it. Is it weird that I love an alarm clock? It might go up there with my owl bank (from mother’s day). I get a grin anytime I can feed the hungry little owl. Oh? Alarm clock! I love looking at it. It’s retro design is just too cute!

After Walmart, we hit up Chicken Express. Really good! I recommend the chicken strips. They remind me a lot of Cheddar’s, which I love.

Then, homeward bound. I got started on the framing. The first one I did was the first review, I had 16 copies of it so I figured if I messed it up, I had others. I love how it turned out.

I was able to put together the second. I didn’t use the tape because it turned out we only had ONE copy out of 3 that B brought home! Ack! Thankfully, I was able to frame it perfectly.

The task of framing the largest one was daunting. I am not usually one to do anything more than buy a frame and stick a picture in it. Unless I am painting a frame or I buy one of those precut mats and put pictures in it. I put everything out, and the frame was too big for everything. Lovely.

I came up with the idea of using some pictures of food to fill around. Except, I cut the picture out of one of the papers we had and… Still had plenty of space. Ugh.Back to the drawing board.

Then, I loaded my phone with pictures, thinking I could send them through the Walgreens app to print them. After it crashed twice, I was ready to throw my phone/scream. Off to walgreens we went with a cord to plug in my phone.

Wouldn’t you know… The computer wouldn’t recognize my phone? So I took my SD card out and printed some pictures from that. Talk about a long process! We were able to get enough pictures to fill the frame, some of our family pictures and enough to start on a scrapbook of sorts for B. Yay!

We did get a pizza and I have a review for you! Look for it soon! I have family coming into town this week so it might be delayed.

I must say, I look at the big frame/collage and I am in love with it. I can’t believe I made something so amazing! Maybe I will post a picture after I edit names and faces. Until then, enjoy your Monday!


Busy busy!

I think I am finally getting the hang of this stay at home mom thing! Maybe. I am totally exhausted tonight. I feel like maybe a marathon was run today!

So, maybe I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to on mother’s day, but I got a few others done. I am always talking about how I am lacking space in our home. I am nowhere near finished with my kitchen, but I think it’s finally getting there! I may even post a few pictures coming up. Crazy!

I will say this: I think we own a lot of clothes. I did one load today, cooked supper (homemade spaghetti!), took C to karate, paid a few bills, got a few things at the store, picked up C, made iced tea for B, took him a chef jacket, walked the dog (a few times), made homemade fruit snacks, did dishes… Are you tired? Yup, I am! Also, I had to get C off to school this morning and Lucky wanted a walk at 3am. Wtf. Oh, I also organized our low counter.

Tomorrow, another load of laundry (I hope). More dishes, more walks, school for C, dinner… And I am hoping that I can organize more of my kitchen. My pantry is a mess! I love the Out of Milk app, but after grocery shopping a few times, my pantry is seriously out of date.

What I really wanted to do yesterday… I still need to do. I was going to hang pictures, organize my pantry, take stuff to storage, take the couch to get fixed… None of it happened. It’s all because of our electricity getting randomly shut off. Seriously! Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Let’s just hope B remembers to take out the trash!


And a random cute pic of Lucky…

Two Years and a Bad Day…

Two years ago, I got my third positive pregnancy test. That was April 13, 2011. B and I were cautiously optimistic about it. We had already had one miscarriage under our belt, and we were strong as a couple.

I never thought I would be saying that it’s been 2 whole years since I was pregnant last with no other children besides C.

Sunday sucked. B had to do a catering event. After being apart for 2 months, we are still at the stage where we are getting used to being together again, getting a routine. And then, a month in, we are robbed of our whole day together. I haven’t even been alone with him. It just sucks.

Why would you say that to a Chef’s wife?

There are many times that people put their foot in their mouths when it comes to my relationship with my husband.

1. Don’t you get lonely?
Yes, don’t you? My husband works long days and long weeks. It’s not always like this, but when it is, it gets lonely. I have a dog and a 9 year old. I don’t get sick days and neither does he. However, I married him knowing what it would be like and I enjoy the quiet too. I like reading books, taking pictures and doing crafts. These are things I don’t need my husband to do with me.

2. It won’t be any fun for you, everyone else has a date.
This was said by a single woman hosting the party I was invited to. She didn’t have a date either. I had a good time, but I also enjoy people watching.

3. I bet you get to eat lots of home cooked meals made by B.
Yea, Ok. No, I am the main cook in the house and I am pretty darn good at it. If you are ever invited to our home for a meal, it was likely prepared by me. The last thing B really wants to do is come home and cook. Besides that, dinner was hours ago and C was hungry then.

4. I bet you have all the kitchen gadgets in your kitchen.
Some chefs have them. In our home, the fancy kitchen gadget is the Kitchenaid mixer. It’s a 6qt bowl and we don’t have any fancy attachments for it. We have a nice set of knives. These were all given to us when we got married. I also have a cheap hand mixer. Doesn’t everyone? Besides those things, we do have a nice set of pots and pans that B had before we were married. B is not a huge fan of the cutesy crap you get at any kitchen store.

Can you think of any that I have forgotten? Let me know!


A Chef’s wife’s work is never really done. With the opening of the restaurant tomorrow, there was much to be done today for the investor dinner.

Last night, I got a phone call. B needed me to pick up something, take it to the mall and have it at up there before they closed for them to be engraved. Easy peasy, right? Nope.

A million questions later, and a trek across the entire mall, the task was done. You would think it wouldn’t be a big deal, I stay at home! Well, I had to rush out while our tween daughter was supposed to be showering and going to bed. This is a nightly battle.

Anyways, today, I thought I would surprise B and his boss by picking them up and delivering them. Then, another errand. This time to the grocery store. A case of water, a case of mountain dew and a 6 pack of bottled soda delivered, I thought I was home free!

Not. I had to make a mad dash back home, walk the dog and find a clean chef jacket and deliver it before 3:30. I also had to be home to let C in. I failed on getting home before C. Oops. Luckily, I forgot to lock the door in my rush.

Bonus: I was done playing courier for the day and I got the olive oil I needed for the potatoes I made tonight. I did pot roast, potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Thankfully, C liked it.

Want the recipe for my pot roast or wanna know how I made the potatoes? Let me know in the comments.

Opinionated Eater: Joe’s Pizza

Opinionated Eater

So, today, I have another pizza joint to add to the list, Joe’s Pizza. If you are like me/us, you move to a new city and you have to scope out every pizza joint out there. I need to find the best pizza! The only place we didn’t look was our last place in Missouri.

Joe’s also offers a pizza by the slice, order a cheese slice for $2 then add toppings for $. 50/each. We didn’t go that route, bad experience, found here. Not wanting a repeat, we ordered a whole pie, cheese sticks, and peperoni pinwheels.

Now, the atmosphere was very casual. Paper plates are given at each course, and they are the cheap variety. Cool with me! I get tired of upscale. There was only one giant TV in the place, which is fine, they sell pizza by the slice and you need entertain for your line diners.

The service, was Ok.

The food, good. It’s no Pizza Cellar, found in Rockaway Beach, MO

Pizza Cellar in Rockaway Beach, MO
 or Pizza by the Chef in Hollister, MO
 or Extreme Pizza in Omaha, NE.

Fine. Still the best place I have had pizza in awhile.

They don’t skimp on the toppings, we like cheese and it could’ve used a bit more. I like that stuff all the way to the crust. If you are like us, ask for extra cheese.

Please note, we more than likely will be back! So, I do recommend checking them out for yourself.

xoxo jes

Opinionated Eater: Saltgrass Steak House

Opinionated Eater

Tonight, we enjoyed good service, good food and a very crowded restaurant. Saltgrass is a Texas chain, I am told. Not bad, but as B put it, not memorable.
We started off with seafood fondeaux. It was good, piping hot. The bread was a little burned. I am not sure that the way they have it set up is quite right. You have long pieces of bread and you spoon the stuff right on it. Now, it’s very runny and your bread isn’t too big. Even partially done with the appetizer, I was burning my fingers and mouth on this stuff. Throw a 9 year old into the mix, you are definitely asking for trouble. Luckily, we made it without trouble and C tried a new thing, crawfish.

I had their wedge salad with my dinner. C tried it also. They serve theirs with ranch, balsamic, bleu cheese crumbles, tomato, and bacon bits. I gave C too big of a bleu cheese crumble and she was not looking it. I thought the bacon and balsamic added different texture and flavor. The bleu cheese wasn’t too overpowering, which was nice.

Our steaks were good, even my little girl went for a steak although she is not usually a fan. She even tried my ribeye and B’s prime rib. Very proud of that girl. My potato could’ve used a side of butter and would’ve benefited from having been salt crusted. I am a strange one and enjoy eating the skin with extra butter.

All in all, good dining experience. I did like that they put a carafe of both B’s iced tea and my sweet tea on the table, even if mine started off with too much ice and was a bit watered down.

xoxo jes


Holidays for us here are different. It usually depends on what kind of job B has during that time.
Easter, mothers day, father’s day, memorial day, labor day, new years eve, and valentine’s day you can almost always count on a chef working. Especially mine. The other major holidays, they vary.

Currently B works at a place that will give him most holidays off. This Sunday may be the exception due to the opening of a new restaurant. He may have to work easter, my other favorite holiday (thanksgiving being my number 1).

B had missed many of the mentioned holidays since we have been together. Sometimes, I could go eat at the restaurant. Alone at the empty cocktail area, of course.

B did take a little of a year off. He worked his tail of to become an estimator at a lumberyard. He made decent money and it was honest work. A much needed break for him. A break that caused me to quit school and work full time as an assistant manager at a gas station. It nearly ruined our marriage. It was nice to have a semi normal family life, except we had to work around my sleep schedule.

Holidays aren’t the only thing B has had to miss out on. He wasn’t there after I found out we lost the first baby. He stayed with me after I lost the second but was drowning himself in his work the next day, unable to sit idle while I slowly crept into a deep depression, something I struggle with to this day, almost two years later.

I know he does what he can and he was there for me when I got my severe concussion and when C and I were in a car accident. He was able to wait in the waiting room while I went to surgery for the second loss.

No matter the day or the occasion, I know that B loves me and C and honestly that’s all that matters. We try to make the most of our time together when we have it. We know that we are loved by the other and we aren’t afraid to show it.

Just remind me of this past come Sunday when my husband is at work and there isn’t a jello egg in sight and I am cussing because my husband is at work. lol


We recently filed our taxes. I guess the irs is super nosy and you have to put down an occupation for each adult filing. Fine. I guess I was a little stunned when I looked at the screen at our local H&R Block to see “housewife” as my job.
You see, I happened on this occupation by pure mistake. Back in January, I quit my job at a gas station. First time I have ever just said “I quit” in the middle of a shift. I think I have worked one partial day at a paying job this year.

The plan in the beginning was that I would stay at home to pack our things for our big move. Yea, I got incredibly sad and lonely and took far more time than it should have to do that.

So in the beginning, I would move here and work while C is at school. Then, B and I realized it would take a lot of hard work on my part to keep up with C, Lucky and the house in B’s absence (work schedule). So that is how I came to have “housewife” as my occupation on my taxes.

They make it seem so naughty and glamorous. It’s not. It’s a full time job in itself.