Frame Update!

I posted about my failed attempt to change the look of our frames by painting them. And it was not so great. I wasn’t ready to give up yet though. Call me stubborn.

I went to Home Depot thinking I would get a sample of paint and just paint my frames all a light grey or silvery color, except they don’t sell samples in anything but flat paint. I would’ve settled for satin but really wanted semi gloss.

So, I walked around the painting supplies feeling a little defeated but not ready to give in. (Maybe it’s the Irish in me!) I came across some Rustolum paint that is in a can but not the color of finish I wanted. Spray paint is out of the question because I don’t have any sort of outdoor space here, I don’t need to be the weirdo spray painting in the parking lot! (I can be the weirdo of a lot of things, I just don’t need that title).

So, I finally came across Martha Stewart’s line of finishes. I carefully inspected all of her glazes and glitters and I kept coming back to the metallic glazes, specifically dark coffee. Most of the frames I want to refinish are just plain black and from Walmart in the cheap. So, after weighing my options, I purchased it. Even though I am not a huge fan of hers.

I cracked the can open after reviewing all of the directions and reading up on reviews. I even checked the reviews of the other glazes. I realized people either lives it or hated it. I used a paint brush and painted the glaze on the pain black frame. It took days for it to dry! But I immediately liked the affect.

I realized where I went wrong, probably the same place all of the reviewers went wrong: the glaze is very thin, it easily puddles in certain areas. I used a half inch brush on my small project. So, about 3-4 days later, I give it another coat. This time, I make sure to dry brush with a smaller brush. I took my time and made sure not to leave any puddles or paint globs.

Amazing! I am so happy with the results. I am still working on the rest of my frames, I give them a day or two to dry just to be safe and give 2 coats to my plain black frames. It’s a very subtle difference but it’s nice to look at. I can even take a dollar store frame and give it a little oomph to elevate it so when it’s on my wall, it looks luxe!

I need to snap some photos and I will give a link to the stuff I am talking about, but it will be awhile.

Have you altered any frames to make them your own? Ever used anything from Martha Stewart?


Homemade Deodorant: the deets

Awhile back, I posted that I was going to make homemade Deodorant for B. I wanted to wait until we could find out if it really worked before posting about the recipe. I found numerous sources, but I want to let you know if some tips.

It really does work! I was the weird wife going around smelling my husband’s pits for a few days. No smells! Great! Just one snag… He broke out. He thinks it was just the oil in it, I don’t know. I may revisit this and try a few variations.

Here is the recipe I used:

Homemade Deodorant
3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1/4 cup Cornstarch

Mix all ingredients together and store in a container.

Simple, right? It is. I had never made this before and never worked with coconut oil. Well, it’s completely solid in my apartment. I thought maybe I could just spoon out what I need and microwave it. Nope! I just had to get a bunch, microwave it, then measure. I wasn’t sure how warm it would get or if it would burn so I would go a minute, and watch, and stir and continue until it was liquid.

Another thing I learned. You can store it in an empty deodorant container. If your bottom is plastic with holes like mine was, leave the excess deodorant in the holes. I didn’t and it sank to the bottom. After putting it in the fridge to firm it up, we had to use pliers to turn the sucker. I think if I had left the thing alone it wouldn’t have happened.

Also,  I had to double the recipe to get it remotely tall enough to completely fill the empty container. If only it hadn’t made B break out, it would’ve been perfect. Oh well, maybe C or I could use it!

Any homemade ideas you are itching to try out? Tried some that turned out completely wrong? Or maybe didn’t work? Do tell!


Space… The final frontier… No!

Ok, I think maybe my title is misleading. I am not here to discuss the new Star Trek movie or ComiCon going on in Irving this weekend. I am talking about the lack of space here. In my casa!

I am always going on about how little space we have. Well, how little are we talking? Try 495 square feet. For 3 of us and a dog. I always mention that it’s a one bedroom loft. Well, below is our floor plan.

C gets the upstairs bedroom while B and I crash in the living room. B and I also get the closet in the bathroom while C has 2 portable closets. I have a plan to make our tiny place work for us. I even have a small space for my own little office! There are multiple DIYs on the agenda and lots of furniture to come, so stay tuned! I may even include actual pictures of our small space too!


PS this is the smallest place I have ever lived so far. I use the research and lots of legwork (aka going to stores)  to find stuff that will give us adequate storage and function.

DIY Chore Chart

Today, I have a craft for you! B and I decided not to put up some of our pictures on the wall but rather than store the frames, I decided to repurpose them.

We have been having a difficult time with C doing her chores, we are at the ugly tween stage and I feel like I am nagging her. She probably feels the same way! So, little kid chore charts aren’t the way to go. I decided to make an erasable one. All I needed was:

-large frame (I bought mine at Walmart ages ago for less than $10)
-patterned paper (I used a printed piece of thin cardboard from a hello kitty kit C got for her birthday, but scrapbook paper would work)
-tape (I could only find our packing tape,  go figure)
-poster letters (my cricut is still packed, but I got the letters at Dollar Tree, so $1)
-dry erase markers (again, Dollar Tree, $1)

This is pretty self explanatory, and the pictures help. I used a black frame and lighter colors for the background so the black was really noticeable. I wrote her chores, but I think I will include special things too. Like maybe when she has karate. I made sure to post it where we would all see it. The lightswitch below it is actually to get room and is at the bottom of the stairs.

Hopefully, this will be a reminder to her to do her chores more often. And yes, I know shower is not a chore, but it seems like a chore to get her to take one!



So, there is a huge Pinterest craze. Or maybe I am just crazy about Pinterest. Either way, it’s super popular. I love to browse for anything from nail polish design ideas, dinner ideas, craft ideas, jewelry, cleaning tips, and Everything in between.

Sometimes, it’s a big fail. Sometimes, I get an idea, and change it before I even try it the way I pinned it. Anyways, I made B some deodorant today from a pin. It went pretty well, but there are some things I didn’t know. If it works out and he loves it, I will post it in the near future. I am hoping he loves it and I can quit spending tons of money on something I can make for quite a bit less. Plus, I know exactly what is going on my body when I make it myself.

Any pins you’ve tried and loved? I want to know.

I did make fabric softener once, but it wasn’t as natural as I would like. Have a recipe for that? Drop me a line!

Also, if you aren’t signed up for Pinterest and would like to be, I can arrange it!

xoxo jes