Late weekend wrap up

This is late. I am sorry. Shit life happens. Like fires, and massive amounts of spaghetti sauce. That is another post entirely.

Friday started off with…well, chaos. I had a twin mattress to bring upstairs, a room to arrange and the entire apartment to vacuum. So, it wasn’t perfect, sue me. And I was vacuuming in Charity’s room and, everything stopped. Except the light. The fan with the light stopped, but the light stayed on. Hmmm.

I checked the fuse box, no problem there. Did I mention a heat wave? That was going on too, so no air movement and remember folks, heat goes up. So, I took a break Lucky for a walk. Then, cooled off after a meltdown call to Brian. I had to get Charity’s room ready. So, I trudged on.

I got the mattress up the stairs and suddenly, the fan started working again. WTF. Seriously? It has something to do with the outlet on that side of the room. If you have any ideas on how to fix it, please clue me in. This will be an epic post, so, here are some pictures instead.



The first is a view from the top of the stairs and the second is from the opposite corner. The only new items are: a second mattress (the first is under it), a fitted sheet, pillowcases, fan, and the teal drawer thing next to the bed. Lucky was moving while I was taking the panoramic pictures, he doesn’t really have 2 tails.

Charity didn’t make it down here until 11ish ay night. So there really was no fun to be had that night.

Saturday, I was up at 9am. My mother in law said they would grab breakfast and be right here. Yea, they got a flat tire and the day didn’t start until 1pm.

They insisted on going to Ikea, by they I mean my mother in law and her friend. So, we drove the hour to Frisco and got there.

If you have never been to Ikea, if you ever get a chance to go, do it! I love going but it is an hour away and its always packed when we go. Saturday was no exception. Usually, we go through one or the other, either the first floor or the showroom second floor. They opted for the first floor. Brian has me on a tight budget, so I had no spending money, but my mother in law bought me 2 lamps, 2 glass bottles, salad servers, and an ice cream scoop. It was my birthday present. I saw tons of things I haven’t seen in person and have tons of ideas for our home. I just need to hold off and see if I still feel that way about things after we move, some time.

We were famished by the time we were done at Ikea, so we went in search of someplace to eat. The older ladies picked. Olive Garden. Really? I love Olive Garden and haven’t had it in over a year, but really? We could’ve had In N Out, Fuzzy’s, or any other place they can’t have at home. Oh well.


Tasty drink, too bad the waiter couldn’t keep my water glass full!!

We headed back to Arlington after that and went to Wal-Mart, the one right across from Cowboys Stadium. I wanted to show them the “cool” Wal-Mart in Arlington. Then, we headed home, everyone was pooped from the long day at Ikea.

Sunday, we woke up late. Brian had a long week last week and we were all just tired. We met them up at the Harley Davidson store in Grand Prairie (I have no pics, sorry). Brian got a few shirts and a hat for his late birthday presents. Then, it was off to the Outlet mall behind it. More shopping….ugh.

Then, we took them to Spring Creek BBQ for some real Texas BBQ. Yum. The complimentary ice cream (only on Sundays) was just icing on the cake. We went to Foundry to find some clothes for my father in law. They were amazed that you could get a beer while you shopped, for free.


Yup, we were those people. Brian, Charity and I all had waters. We are in Texas, what do you expect?

After Foundry, my mother in law hit the road. They didn’t make it back home until 1:30am, I think.

There was grocery shopping, rest, and dinner on the agenda for the rest of the day for us. I saved us $40!! Woot!! (Again, another post, another day.)

Did you have a good weekend? Ours was packed full of randomness and shopping. I hate shopping.

xoxo jes



From now on, I will be devoting my Sundays strictly to family time. The only thing that will be posted is a reminder for the only feature in this blog that involves Brian:


So, go ahead! Have a question about life with a chef? How Charity handles it all? Cooking related? What gadgets are in our kitchen? Want a recipe that is tried and true? Or how to cook something?

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Take me out to the ball game!

Yesterday, I went to my first pro baseball game with B and C. Unfortunately due to the time of day and having most of the family in fair skin (C is my fair skinned ginger, I am the other fair skinned person) we left quite early.

Our seats were great and directly in the hot Texas sun. We arrived early enough to pick me up a tshirt for the game, which was a challenge. I swear they need to carry more things for curvy women.
I had to go cool off during the third inning, I love baseball games and was very disappointed I couldn’t stay. I actually broke out into some sort of rash. Not fun. The only way to deal with it was to get my sensitive skin out of the sun and heat. Bummer.

I did get to try my hand at the panoramic feature on my phone from our seats. It was amazing. I have only been to some minor league games, but this was awesome. I hope to get out there to another game soon only not in the heat of the day (an evening game would be preferred) and in not sunny seats.


Two Years and a Bad Day…

Two years ago, I got my third positive pregnancy test. That was April 13, 2011. B and I were cautiously optimistic about it. We had already had one miscarriage under our belt, and we were strong as a couple.

I never thought I would be saying that it’s been 2 whole years since I was pregnant last with no other children besides C.

Sunday sucked. B had to do a catering event. After being apart for 2 months, we are still at the stage where we are getting used to being together again, getting a routine. And then, a month in, we are robbed of our whole day together. I haven’t even been alone with him. It just sucks.