Meet the Family: C

This week, we are meeting C! Ok, ok, her name is actually Charity. And here she is!

Charity will be 10 on the 25th of this month. She is a fireball. She has been hitting the “tween” years pretty hard lately. (Check back a few earlier posts to witness some of the  mayhem!)
She is in karate but also likes playing softball. In the summer, she becomes a fish. Her favorite color is pink. And she loves Hello Kitty. In the summer, she becomes a little fish. Her freckles or “angel kisses” as she likes to call them, have truly come out since our move to Texas. We love them and so does she!
I hope you enjoyed meeting Charity, for obvious reasons, I am not divulging too much information about her. She is the light of our life and I don’t know what I would do without her spunk in my life. She is very smart, just needs to really apply herself.

Meet the family: Lucky

Slowly I am coming out of anonymity. Starting small, baby steps people!
Lucky just turned a year and a half. I am always asked what breed he is, he is a bagle hound. A bagle hound is half bassett hound and half beagle (he has other stuff but he is mostly this).
Since he is mostly a hunter, if you don’t pay attention while you are taking him for a walk, he will see a squirrel or rabbit and try to take your arm off. Thankfully, I have learned if it’s a squirrel, just let go. He will tree it and wait at the tree for you.
He has a great personality. He loves people and likes meeting new people. Just don’t make him think you are trying to sneak up on me in the dark, he will growl, but not bite. He also loves meeting other dogs. He doesn’t understand why other dogs don’t want to meet him. He will cry if he can’t meet your dog.
He doesn’t know many tricks, sit, up, and speak are pretty much all he knows, I have tried getting him to lay but it’s been slow. He does know: kisses (or make a kissing noise and he gives them up, usually). He knows what bedtime is and prefers to sleep with his head on a pillow and sometimes a blanket, as long as it doesn’t cover his face.
He loves to chew, especially when he is anxious. We try to keep bones handy if we know he will go through a phase. However, he likes to murder stuffed animals, he dismembers them first, littlest to biggest. Then, the stuffing. Then the squeakers, he will play catch with himself until he loses these. He has the carcasses of many stuffed animals in his box.
Things he regularly plays with or chews: erasers, socks (usually B’s), underwear, pens, pencils, straws, and cups. He hasn’t chewed a pair of shoes since last summer and they were a pair of flip flops.
I can’t think of much else, except if you come to my house and we eat chips, expect to share. He also likes green beans.
Lucky is also terrified of random items. Such as: 
  • tape measure. We think this has to do with when he was a puppy, we lived on my father in-laws property and he was constantly using tape measure, then some sort of drill or saw. We think the loud noise of the drill scared him.
  • vacuum. You can catch him running wildly from it whenever it is on.
  • lighters/lit candles. I think he may have gotten to close to one before.
  • rain/water. He is a giant sissy!
  • thunder. He is not a fan of thunderstorms. He will cuddle up with you just to keep him safe.

All in all, we are lucky to have him around. He freely gives his affection, even when he doesn’t want to go for a walk just to sniff or you have some food he would like a taste of.

Any quirks your dog has?