Have you ever tried something new and it was ohmyfuckinggodwherehasthisbeenallmylife? Yup. I had that moment the other night after I made spaghetti the other night. I tried Pupusas. Yum. Now, I need a tried and true recipe! Anyone? Anyone at all? I have pinned one, but I want to know if you have something.

Also, I really need to try new foods, do you have something that is cultural to you? I am Norwegian and Irish so I have had klubb, lefsa, and corned beef & cabbage. Send me a recipe if you have one! Thanks!

Again! If you have anything to Ask me or B, let me know in comments, email (above), twitter, or on facebook.

xoxo jes

Things I had never tried…

Being married to a chef means you get to try all new things. Now, I had tried my fair share of foods when we met, but my list has expanded.

1. Escargot, I tried this at the restaurant he worked at when we first started dating. Not really my cup of tea.

2. Truffles, I have tried these in many different ways. I still do not like the way anything truffles taste. It seriously tastes like poop to me, very overwhelmingly so.

3. Lengua, or tongue. Honestly, doesn’t taste bad, but I still can’t get over the look of it raw and whole. Yuck.

4. Swordfish, soo yummy!

I have actually tried a ton of different foods before dating/marrying a chef, so my list is not nearly that long. I look forward to trying all sorts of new things all the time.

What have you tried that is unusual?

xox jes

Waiting…. Part One

Ever watched the movie Waiting? Ever wonder how much of it was true? I like to compare my experiences from the kitchens I have worked for with the movie. I am also serve safe certified due to my past school major, Culinary Arts: Baking & Pastries. So I can see poor kitchen practices…

I was young when I first started in the restaurant circuit. I worked in an old school Steakhouse. It’s now closed. I worked there occasionally when I was 13 and 14 and again when I was 17. Yes, I realize you must be 16 to serve food, or work in a restaurant but that was then.

The practices kept in the behind the scenes, well, they make me cringe now. Cooks were smoking over the stoves and grills. We would give you a ball of butter, a basket of crackers, and a veggie tray when you were seated. Despite having the best pickles on the veggie tray, they weren’t placed there using the best practice of food handling. After you left, your tray was stored back in the fridge, just as it left the table, on top of the other forgotten trays. When a table was seated, a bare hand was used to replenish the tray, that same bare hand was used to put your ball of butter on the plate. Leftover butter was put into a container to be reused and reballed. Gross.

I don’t remember a lot of hand washing there either. Your rolls were also acquired by a bare hand and if there were leftovers from your basket, they too were saved.

That was one place. I have to say, even typing those words make me throw up a little in my mouth. I will let you digest that one, I will say that I am thankful they have been closed for some time and their practices died with it. Yuck!

xoxo jes


So awesome to have a night without C. She has been super moody lately. I love her to pieces and I love being a mom, but sometimes, I need a fucking break. She asks constant questions about random shit all the time. Even when I do answer the question, if she doesn’t believe or like the question, she either asks the same question or alters it someway. Talk about driving a person insane.

So, I am just sitting here listening to Lucky’s breathing while he sleeps. And the tick ticking of the floor heater. I will be so glad to be out of this house, and it’s quirkiness, and into my husband’s arms again. I miss him like crazy.

Uneventful day here, got the kiddo off to her great grandparent’s house. B had an auction to go to to purchase a few remaining items for the steak and seafood restaurant he is opening. He has been insanely busy. I will be glad once the first restaurant is open, that means one down, one to go (for now).

xoxo jes

PS. Did you know in Canada, Pizza Hut has hot dog stuffed crust pizza? Sounds gross to me and even B. thoughts?