Friday Favs!

friday favs

Back again with Friday Favs! This week, since Charity is starting school on Monday, I am going with a more of a “back to school” theme. So, without further ado….

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Friday Favs!

friday favs

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! Ok, that song was annoying, but amazing on Tuesdays nights  when my manager at QuikTrip would sing it to me. Not the manager, manager, but the 2nd assistant. Yes, Tuesday overnight was my Friday. Leave me alone.

So, here we are again! With the Favs!! Wooot!


Its our Lasko 18″ Stand fan (with a remote). We have had many fans in our relationship. I have to say, this has been my favorite. It has not 3 settings, but 4. And a remote! Brian likes the remote part, maybe a little too much. With this heat, it stays on 4 and nothing lower. Its that hot and our air conditioner works overtime. Like most fans in houses with pets, you have to clean the thing 1-2 time a month. No big deal. I learned after arguing with it quite a bit that taking a screwdriver to the front really helps the front cage pop off, but be careful to TURN IT OFF. Also, its helpful to do it when the “hot one” (Brian) is out of the house. All in all, it moves my hair. It helps keep our tiny apartment cool, I would buy Lasko fans again.


These deserve a little backstory, Charity’s hair kept getting in her way at karate. I went to Target and I bought these babies: Scünci No Slip Grip Evolution Gel Elastic Hair Ties. Yea, long name. Either way, we bought them and I was able to snag 3. Since I still have not gotten my hair cut, my hair MUST go up. So, I use one of these. I am not usually a fan of something so large, but I love them. They hold all of my hair that is capable of going up and stay. That is huge! They also work for Charity’s thick mess of wavy hair. Even better. All in all, I would totally buy them again and I am recommending them!

Please note, unless otherwise stated, I bought all of the stuff on my Friday Favs with hard earned money. I was not paid, perked or compensated for telling y’all about my stuff, I just love them! Thanks!

xoxo jes

Friday Favs!


Happy August y’all!! Its flipping hot! I am trying to stay cool, but I still have a post to do! Moving on….


This guy, from SimpleHuman is amazing. We were skeptical of spending so much hard earned dough on a trashcan but, it has been worth it. I try to keep things that Lucky can’t have out of his reach, and this guy has been a lifesaver to do it. We got ours at the Container Store (never been before living here) and I haven’t regretted it! Lucky can’t have chicken bones and we get Bootleg Chicken sometimes around here, I don’t feel bad about throwing the bones away and locking the lid. Lucky has tried to (occasionally) get into it, but he has not been successful, it falls over and stays locked, thank God. The slim design has been great for our tiny-ass-apartment but will work in any space.


Sinful Colors, I love this nail polish. I found it a few years ago at Walgreens. I know they sell them at Walmart also. They are the best bang for your buck. Some of the colors require a top coat, since it dries more of a matte color, but its not that big of a deal. I used to try to use Wet N Wild, but their polish is so cheap and chips off in less than 24 hours. Not with Sinful Colors. They are $1.99 and come in so many colors!

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Friday Favs!



Back again with Friday Favs! I think from now on, I will just be featuring 2 things in my Friday Favs posts.

First up! Chocolate! What girl doesn’t love chocolate?



Actually, just ask Brian, I am not a huge fan of chocolate. Haha. However, Hershey’s Nuggets with Toffee and Almonds are amazing. They have extra crunch and so tasty! I like toffee, but usually it is a large hard piece and I can’t chew it without thinking I am going to break my teeth. Not so pleasant when you are supposed to be enjoying a piece of toffee. There are just bits of toffee, so no teeth breaking feelings. You just can’t trust me alone with a bag of this.

heat wrap1

heat wrap






I love Thermacare HeatWraps! They are amazing. I have a bad back, so I have used them when it gets really bad and I still have to work. I love them because you can just put it on and it stays good for 8 hours. They have them for other body parts too. I have used the ones for your knee and the menstrual relieve ones pictured above. They work amazing for what aches. Its like having a portable heating pad. Love it!

They also have cold wraps. These are new, I have not tried them, yet. I am sure there will be a time that will come. If you head over to their website, they have coupons going on right now.

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P.S. Just as a reminder, I am not paid or perked in any way to write about my Friday Favs. I buy everything just like a normal person.

Friday Favs!

Friday Favs!!!

Welcome to the new blog!! Hopefully, I can get the kinks out and make this a smooth transition for us all! In the meantime, here are some things I love!

red_bern_bookcoverWhere The Red Fern Grows was my favorite book as a child. I have a copy of it today that I loaned to Charity a few months ago. I read it over and over and cried every time I read it. I am thinking maybe a read is in my future. This is from Good Reads:

Billy, Old Dan and Little Ann — a Boy and His Two Dogs…

A loving threesome, they ranged the dark hills and river bottoms of Cherokee country. Old Dan had the brawn, Little Ann had the brains — and Billy had the will to train them to be the finest hunting team in the valley. Glory and victory were coming to them, but sadness waited too. And close by was the strange and wonderful power that’s only found…

An exciting tale of love and adventure you’ll never forget.

nav_logo_lgPepperplate is an app I recently found. I love it because I can add a button on my Favorite’s Bar and add recipes from whatever site I am looking at. It also has easy import from several well known sites. Its also FREE!!

That isn’t the best part, though. I love that I can make a menu for the week, which is something we do on paper. I can also add a recipe to my grocery list. The other nice thing about this site: I can access it from all of my devices whether I am on my laptop (via the website), iPad (via an app), or my phone (also via an app found in Google Play). It syncs them all!

Now, if I could get it to hold my pantry list and cook the food for me, we would be in business! A girl can dream, right?

I only have 2 this week off the top of my head, I apologize. Check out the book (or give it to your kiddo) and check out the app/website! I love it so far!

I was not paid or perked in any way to let y’all know about these things. They are just my favorite things and I am sharing them with you. As always, I buy everything like a normal person and these opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.

xox jes




Friday Favs!!!

Its Friday again! I am back to tell you products that I am loving!

Hard Candy Cosmetics, love their stuff. I find it at Wal-Mart. I don’t actually wear a lot of make up, but I when i do, I like it to stay on and look bold. I usually just wear it when we are going out at night. I have their eyeshadow and recently purchased the mascara. I love their stuff!
Rock & Candy Shoes. I have 3 pairs now, this is just one of them. I buy them at Journeys or DSW. I have yet to pay full price and I know there are lots of other places that sell them. The pair pictured, I got for Mother’s Day from Charity and my sweet husband. I bought another pair for my birthday with some birthday money from my in-laws. The last pair we bought last weekend from DSW on clearance. Love them!! They are comfortable and I love the look of the flats they have!

Last, is Lucky’s food, Just 6 by Rachael Ray. It is part of her Nutrish line and Lucky loves it. When we moved here, he was eating store brand (from Hy-Vee) dog food. He has a hard time with most brands, except the store brand stuff. We had him on Science Diet but it is super hard to find down here and it can get pricey, so on a whim, we tried this stuff. It has no fillers, just 6 ingredients. It works great for him and he has had no tummy problems on this food!
P. S. I am  not paid or perked in any way for loving these items, I buy them just like a normal person. They are just products I love and I wanted to pass on the love! 

Friday Favs

It’s Friday again! Time for my favorites!

I love Kavu bags. They seem expensive for just a purse, but they come in so many sizes and fun patterns that I just want one of each! So far, I have 2. There is a long list I want to add to my collection but slowly. I love them because they are durable, they last and have different colors and patterns to choose from. I went through so many purses before. I have both of these, just different patterns. 
Tea tree conditioner. I don’t use the shampoo, but B does. I bought him both only to find out he never uses conditioner. I started using it on a whim and I love the stuff! It has a minty scent and tingles while on my hair. Ahhh… a little bit of paradise in a bottle.
Blue Bell ice cream. I never had it before coming to Texas, but I never knew what I was missing out on. It’s the best I’ve cream I have ever had. We like the Homemade Vanilla, but I have also had the Red Velvet and Century Sundae. All is delicious. If you are from the south and have seen it, but not tried it, just try it! It is worth the money! I plan on introducing anyone who comes to visit to it. Just. So. Tasty.
I was not paid or perked in anyway. These are just products I love and buy like a normal person.

Friday Favs!

Or just stuff that I love!
I actually don’t wear much make up. I do however always have at least one Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm handy! I starting using it about 9 years ago. They weren’t hugely popular yet and only came in a tin not the tube they come in now. The stuff works wonders!
Lucky has been shedding up a storm. Last year, there wasn’t this much shedding. So, I broke down and bought a FURminator. Love it! I first saw a video for it at a vet’s office in Berryville, Arkansas. I asked them about it and they swear by it. It was on sale a few weeks ago and I got the small one at the pet store. I now swear by it. I swear Lucky lost 2 pounds in one brushing.
Last for today, I bought an Aladdin water bottle. It’s from Walmart and is BPA free. The top of it unscrews so you can put ice in it without having to buy a special tray for water bottle ice cubes. I try to keep it full and refill it often.
Just a few things that I love! Stay tuned for another installment next week!
P. S. I was not paid or perked in any way, I just bought these products and love them.