Our Newest Addition

Its not living. Don’t get too excited!

Sunday, we decided to go to Dallas, we went to Galleria Dallas. That is a post for another day. After the mall, I decided to check out a thrift store I “Like” on Facebook and have never been to. It is almost unheard of for a thrift store to update their Facebook page with the actual furniture in their store. Urban Thrift does.

I didn’t actually see our newest addition until after I bought it, but I still wanted to go in and check it out! We got this cute little dude:


Brian says it looks like something his Grandma would have in her house. I love it. The blue is beautiful. However, what the picture doesn’t show is that it is worn/torn in a few places, has a few stains, and the legs are totally orange-y stained. For now, I am leaving it as is. I will do a short term fix of getting a slipcover and painting the legs (yes, I realize they are wood but I live in an apartment where its hard to sand pieces before doing anything to them, bite me). Long term, I want to get the spring replaced and reupholster it but I need to have money for that and with my lack of job, it is all on the back burner.

Although, I did get the chair for a steal: $10. I also got a Fossil purse for $2. It needs a little mending as one of the pockets is trying to escape the entire purse. Brian got a bag for $2 for him to carry to work (or a murse, sorry dear). And Charity didn’t miss out on the $2 bag deal, she got a new purse to add to her small collection. Also purchased: 8 “souvenir” cups with various team logos for a quarter.

So, we went to the thrift store with $20 in Brian’s pocket and left with some change!

Anyone else get a chair for a steal? Know where I can get a slipcover for my new chair? Any ideas on slipcovering? I was thinking of getting a slipcover for a wingback chair and fitting it, thoughts?

xoxo jes


Craig and his list

Craig and his list can shove it. Don’t know what I am talking about? Look on the site and look for DFW, mid cities. Furniture. Yea, overpriced “cute” ugly crap. I have sold furniture on Craig’s list before. I don’t overprice my stuff.

Honestly, is it so hard to find something functional that isn’t $300? Oh well. I will keep looking.


The List!

The other night, we sat down and made a master list of things we want/need for our apartment. I actually started the list and showed it to B. We then circled our “must haves”. So here is the list!
C’s Room

-bed frame (found one at ikea we like)*
-dresser (hopefully can find this secondhand)*
-accessories (wall decor, etc. I will be making some of this) 
-desk chair (possibly ikea, or a folding chair if B had his way)*
-nightstand (maybe secondhand) 
-desk (ikea)*
-bed skirt (I want to make it)

Found here

-wall (since her room is open to the living room, we want to use a drop cloth to create a wall for privacy for everyone)*
-gate (to help keep Lucky out)*
-under the bed storage
-comforter (I want to make her a rag quilt)
Found here
-mirror (she is getting older and we need to support her on wanting to look good. We hope to create a vanity zone for her to keep the bathroom open)*


-shower curtain (yea, we don’t even have one! I found this one I like)*
-shower curtain liner (we just need a new one)*


-dog bed* (or a pillow, he likes pillows)


-built-ins (there is an open space meant to be used as a table, we don’t use it like that so I will build shelves for both sides for added storage)*

Living Room

-coffee table (Possibly this one from Ikea)
-wall shelf (to display my camera collection)
-TV stand (we like one we found at Ikea, but we are thinking of getting a dresser secondhand to use for the storage possibilities it offers, down the line, we might get a regular one)*
-rug (I have been looking all over for one that I like…no luck yet)
-lamp (I have found a few I like at target and Ikea)
-shelving unit (We really like all the storage with this one)*
-chair (possibly secondhand or at ikea)
-surround sound
-couch (we saw this one on display and LOVE it, it will be replacing our current couch down the line)



Office Chair I picked up at a Thrift Store

carpet shampooer

* –Items we are going to work on first.
Thats it in a nutshell, we have lots of things we want to work on and I hope that some of this stuff can be knocked out. I will share projects and ideas as they come along. For now, I have no idea what I am going to do to the chair. I am thinking of decoupaging it and adding a pillow. Thoughts?

Score! A table!

I finally went to an antique consignment store that I have been driving past almost daily. I would always see bright colored furniture outside and always mean to stop by… And didn’t until Friday night.

Of course, consignment stores are more expensive than some of the places I have been and there is less haggling made. Kinda sucks. Also, at this one, they almost try to shove the tackiest furniture in the place down your throat. This place had more vintage than antiques, so it was more up my alley, but I don’t need a bright royal blue upholstered round bed.

C loved it and found lots of pretty costume jewelry to save up for. I did buy one thing. A table. We had picked out other tables but this guy was the perfect size, right style (love the legs), and for $25, he was coming home with me. He needs a little cleaning up, but the color fits perfectly with our black and white couch. I can put a bright lamp on him and he will be so fab!

Now, some of the black paint has chipped off and unless you took a picture of it, you can’t tell that I went over the chips, dings and scratches with a black sharpie. I had already started the front when I took the pictures so that’s why you can tell.

Any tips for cleaning up the metal feet? Do share! I have been using trusty Google and have some ideas, but if you have some tried and true, let me know!


Crashed Couch

So, I posted about our lovely couch awhile back. I love it! However, one of the back legs broke! Cue panic. So, I contacted the manufacturer online and they requested a copy of the receipt and the item number. Umm… The receipt was misplaced. Lovely.

So, I call the place we bought it. I can get a copy, cool. Even better, they have a repair department. Except the guy doesn’t even ask for my husband’s name or anything. I had to tell him 5 times it was the back leg that just screws in.

B got numerous calls, finally it was going to be at the local store today, so I go to pick it up. It’s the wrong leg. They proceed to argue with me. Whatever. I take out my phone and show the picture that I posted the other day. They still argued. I have that side of the couch propped up by a fire safe. It’s not as tall and was only temporary.

So, now, I have to call the first guy, explain to him why the leg is wrong and hope that he will order the correct leg. I have the wrong leg in my possession, but hopefully they will fix this whole issue so I don’t have to go through the manufacturer.

Just for a refresher, I am posting a pic of the couch and then the leg that I received. Can you spot the difference?

Sick, not dead

I am here! I somehow caught C’s cold and was down for the count for quite a while. I am going that it’s on its way out and I can go back to my regular duties. I am sure B is going the same thing because our house is a mess!

Also, lots of amazing things are starting to happen! Tomorrow, I am having lunch with my great aunt who I have never met. I am also going to order B’s chair and ottoman. And our shower curtain! So excited! Once the shower curtain arrives, I can actually start looking at bath towels and rugs.
Saturday, I am getting a much needed storage unit down here. I will store things we can’t quite use just now in it. So, hopefully, I can clear out some of this mess before the chair comes.

Also, Sunday is the burgers for West at Chop House Steak and Seafood. I will hopefully be getting some pictures with my camera and phone.

Sneak Preview: our couch

When B first told me we would be selling our living room set, I kind of freaked. I knew we had to buy a sofa bed but I didn’t want a futon or pull out. So, with my limited knowledge of the new area and my phone, I set out to find something worthy of our new place.
I didn’t find it. Lucky for us, B did. These are pics taken from the website that makes our couch.