Living Room Ideas

Well, now that we have decided on a few things, here is a detailed-ish list of what I would like to do in our living room and some things that Brian agrees with! Yes, I have my ideas and sometimes Brian disagrees, but we usually compromise or work something out! This is not the end-all of the lists and things change as things are purchased and start coming together.
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A Peek

I know I talk about things and I never show off anything. I am a procrastinator. I just am, no excuses. Although, sometimes, I don’t post pictures because my home isn’t perfect. We have a small place and lots of stuff, we had a 2 bedroom house before this. Before that, we had a 3 bedroom house. So, we have that much stuff. More stuff than fits in our tiny apartment.


Back to the peek. These are pictures of my “office”. It’s tiny, it’s cramped and I used to have a whole room dedicated to an office/craft room. Now, I have a nook. It is still a work in progress. I would love to buy many storage things, but at this time, we can’t afford it, so I make do with what I have.


The fridge is directly next to the desk. The blue drawers, they hold paper, card stock, vinyl, and other office stuff. I have had the drawers for a long time. You can find them all over. The chair is my thrift shop find from awhile ago. The desk itself and the lamp on it are both from Ikea. My laptop was a gift sent to me from my Great Aunt, she came to visit a few months ago and sent it to me. It is an HP and I love HP stuff. It’s an older model but it is amazing and it works. I don’t use it much because Charity has a habit of sitting on the stairs and staring at whatever I am doing.

I love that I have my own space, but it can get claustrophobic. Oh well.

xoxo jes

Small Progress

I have been making a little progress on the apartment here.

 Last weekend, we got a shower curtain and rug for the bathroom! Very exciting. I put the shower curtain up right away but waited to clean and organize the bathroom before putting the rug down. It is so plush. I will give a breakdown of costs and pictures once it is more complete. There is some deeper cleaning that needs to get done, but it is very nice so far. 
I also cleaned the closet. It is seriously lacking lots of things, like a shelf or something but it is so much nicer to walk into the bathroom and not open the closet to chaos!
We were also given a tv that will go in our living room. My neighbor was going to throw it away and gave it to us instead. It came with a stand, so I don’t have to worry about figuring out what to put a giant tv on!
It’s small progress and it is going slower than I would like, but it is progress. 
I also have other news! I have a job interview on Tuesday! I am excited for this!


With C going out of town, we are going to give her room the makeover ir desperately needs.

She is torn between wanting a Hello Kitty room and a Paris theme. One thing she is certain of: her favorite color is pink.

When we went to michael’s arts and crafts, she liked the 50’s magazine covers they had. They were classic and beautiful. Something that a girl like her should look up to. She is very into fashion and beauty but also a little bit tomboy.

So, I am thinking of marrying the bright colors she loves, the romantic feel of Paris and the classic beauty. I have a few Cricut cartridges that will help me do that. The thing with renting, we can’t paint the walls. Bummer. But! It’s Ok. There are plenty of ways to inject color without that detail.

To be honest, she has never had a room that was “her”. The closest we got was our last place before the big move to Missouri. Even then, we picked everything out for her not knowing exactly where we were going. This time, we have her in mind and I hope she loves it.

The thing with the cricut, it cuts vinyl. And I have the sophisticated cartridge and the ornamental iron 2 cartridge. All I need is some repositional vinyl and I am in business! Woot!

We discussed it today and we thing thrift store furniture will be the better option to go with a few items from my favorite porn store, er, I mean, Ikea. She originally picked out something but it isn’t truly her style. I like to mix and match affordable things from various places. At least I would like to. Buying used and from ikea will allow us to do it up nice! When we finally get down to business, I will be sure to post some pictures as we move along.


Busy Bee

I have been busy! I decided to take matters into my own hands and clear some space in our living room. 3 boxes were donated to a guy that works with B. They had our old dishes and kitchen supplies that we don’t need or use. (after buying some new stuff at ikea). 3 bags of old clothes went to another coworker. They were mostly C’s too small clothes and they have 3 girls all younger than C. And a borrowed air mattress finally went back to its owner (thanks Patty!).

There are a few other changes that were made. I attempted to sand one of my frames to paint it. Didn’t work out too well so I ditched that whole project. It cost me a whole $2 on a cheap Walmart frame. It looks Ok, just not what I was hoping for.

There will be more to update later. I think we will make our summer bucket list this weekend. So excited!