iPhone vs Android

We switched from iPhones to droids a year ago, right before I came down to Texas to visit Brian. It was strange and awesome. We each had an iPhone 4. We both switched to Samsung Galaxy 2’s. I got my Galaxy Note 2 last year for my birthday after repeated exchanges of my old phone. Then, I had to exchange my Note, it was all just a downhill drive on a winding road.

My biggest issue with the last phone I had, the thing wouldn’t charge. When it did, it wouldn’t hold it. Damn thing!! It was getting ridiculous. I mean, 8 hour shifts at work and I am working and the thing was ready to die on my way home.

We had T-Mobile. It had unlimited internet on the phones, but we had such poor service at our apartment, just texting or making a phone call was a chore. God forbid you wanted to check Facebook! Since I had a more upgraded phone, I had 4G LTE but with one bar and it would switch frequently to just 4G and tell me I had no internet. It was so frustrating!! So, we did what any reasonable person would do that didn’t have a contract, we shopped around.

Verizon, ha! We had them once, their service is great, if you don’t want to actually use a smartphone for the internet. For my usage, it was $300 for data alone! No thank you!!

We looked online at a few other carriers, but I knew I would need the data that I was used to, unlimited. Currently, their are only two companies in the area that offer that: T-Mobile and Sprint. So, we went to Sprint! There, we looked at phones, talked to a guy about a car phone plans, talked about phones with him and settled it, we were switching. I was going to have to say good bye to my birthday present.

We all got an iPhone 5C, the kid included. Pink, blue, and green. Any guesses on who got what? (Here is a hint: no adults got pink!) We I also got a new tablet, a “free” (with 2 year agreement only on the tablet) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I had a Galaxy Tab 2, but we are getting rid of it for cheaper payments (monthly bill). I didn’t have to say good bye completely to my android platform. Thank god.

It is weird having an iPhone again, but it is like riding a bike, you just pick it up again. I like a lot of the new features the new platform has, it has been so long since we had iPhones that it has changed. The small screen is a learning curve, so it not using swipe to type. Those are the biggest.

I am so over switching phones though. I will have to report back after I have had this phone for awhile, I am not for or against one or the other over one, however, it has been nice not having to worry about my phone going dead before I get off work!

Whoop There It Is

Remember that song? Me too.

Anywho, I got a job! I will be working alongside Brian alone in the “baking” room. Ok, maybe more in the kitchen. Since the oven is in the kitchen far away from the “baking” room. Yup, Brian will be my boss.

Originally, I was to just go in with him on Sunday for a nice little baking session with him for 4 hours. That turned into it being my training day. The owner decided to give me a job baking 6 days a week 4 hours a day. All I have to do is go in and bake cakes, cheesecakes, torts, and key lime pies. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I hope.

Honestly, I am scared. I haven’t stepped foot in a kitchen as staff since I had my second loss, Sprout. I never went back to my job after that loss, I changed to gas stations.i am scared I will just freeze. I know I am probably psyching myself out, but my fears are rational, to me.

I lost my passion for baking right after my first loss. I had just finished a rough final with Chef Screamer (not actual name) and less than a week later, we found out I would lose the baby. It was a hard time in my life.

Wish me luck!

Money Mondays!

Welcome to the newest feature addition to The Offal Truth and Other Musings. Money Mondays!! Who doesn’t like to save money? If you don’t, you probably have money to throw my way, so get on that, ok?

Money Mondays

Each week, I will feature ONE way that I try to save us money. Ok, its a joint effort here at our house and I really try harder. Sorry, Brian, you slack in this department! This week, our cell phone bill gets the inspection.

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This week, I have had a list a mile long of stuff to do. Unfortunately, my Friday Favs post is the one that got the ax. Come back next week to see more of my favorite things.

In the meantime, I am working on a new series of posts that will be the new Monday feature. Here is a hint: its about money! So be sure to tune in on Monday for that! And dont worry, its already in the hopper!

Until then, enjoy your weekend and if you need something to read, check out any of my archives or the blogs I follow!



Woot Woot!!!

Is it sad or good that I got my hair cut before I have gotten my Valentine’s Day present? (Hi Chef!!!)

I have no before pictures, sorry about your luck. You really didn’t want to see that overgrown-longer-than-it-should’ve-been mess. We paid the girl on Brian’s birthday (July 18th). So, instead, I have afters! And by afters, I mean, after I came home and colored it, took a shower and put on my pajamas. Those afters. So, here ya go! (Also, sorry about the blurriness of the photos, I took them with my phone)

A few things: my hair is still wet in these photos. Sorry about how big they are, its as small as I can make them. Feel free to print them off to kiss good night. Just kidding, that would be creepy, unless you are Brian. The “burgundy black” did not come out all the way when it was cut. The roots are more blond and the longer portions are kinda faded into a reddish blond. Kinda cute.

jes august20131 jes august20132

Did you notice anything else??? I am in front of my shower curtain! I love that thing and I think it makes a great backdrop for selfies!

Ok, sorry about your luck if you opened this and expected something different. This is my blog and I will write what I want. Unless you want to pay me to do otherwise. Until then, shut your trap.


Craig and his list

Craig and his list can shove it. Don’t know what I am talking about? Look on the site and look for DFW, mid cities. Furniture. Yea, overpriced “cute” ugly crap. I have sold furniture on Craig’s list before. I don’t overprice my stuff.

Honestly, is it so hard to find something functional that isn’t $300? Oh well. I will keep looking.


Bad week…

I am going to blow this out of proportion. That was your warning.

This week just sucks. I am still bummed we didn’t get the duplex. I am more mad that the guy’s mom told him to leave the tenants there. They have 5 dogs. Yea…

Brian and I got into a fight on Sunday. That’s all the info you get on that. We are fine. Just so you know.

I was reminded, yet again, that Charity’s sperm donor is still a deadbeat. No, I won’t go into details, just trust me on that.

I still haven’t gotten my hair cut. Supposedly going to happen tonight. Nobody hold their breath, ok? I don’t need a bunch of my blog readers passed out. Thanks. If it doesn’t happen, I will still be bummed.

I haven’t gotten used to the heat and I am feeling like crap. Seriously. It’s cooler this week than it was last week or the week before yet I am feeling crappy.

Then, there is Saturday. It’s the 3 year anniversary of when we had our first loss. So, that alone and the fact that I feel like crap, its probably why I am really not having a good week, rest is probably just blown out of proportion. Sorry.

xoxo jes

Late weekend wrap up

This is late. I am sorry. Shit life happens. Like fires, and massive amounts of spaghetti sauce. That is another post entirely.

Friday started off with…well, chaos. I had a twin mattress to bring upstairs, a room to arrange and the entire apartment to vacuum. So, it wasn’t perfect, sue me. And I was vacuuming in Charity’s room and, everything stopped. Except the light. The fan with the light stopped, but the light stayed on. Hmmm.

I checked the fuse box, no problem there. Did I mention a heat wave? That was going on too, so no air movement and remember folks, heat goes up. So, I took a break Lucky for a walk. Then, cooled off after a meltdown call to Brian. I had to get Charity’s room ready. So, I trudged on.

I got the mattress up the stairs and suddenly, the fan started working again. WTF. Seriously? It has something to do with the outlet on that side of the room. If you have any ideas on how to fix it, please clue me in. This will be an epic post, so, here are some pictures instead.



The first is a view from the top of the stairs and the second is from the opposite corner. The only new items are: a second mattress (the first is under it), a fitted sheet, pillowcases, fan, and the teal drawer thing next to the bed. Lucky was moving while I was taking the panoramic pictures, he doesn’t really have 2 tails.

Charity didn’t make it down here until 11ish ay night. So there really was no fun to be had that night.

Saturday, I was up at 9am. My mother in law said they would grab breakfast and be right here. Yea, they got a flat tire and the day didn’t start until 1pm.

They insisted on going to Ikea, by they I mean my mother in law and her friend. So, we drove the hour to Frisco and got there.

If you have never been to Ikea, if you ever get a chance to go, do it! I love going but it is an hour away and its always packed when we go. Saturday was no exception. Usually, we go through one or the other, either the first floor or the showroom second floor. They opted for the first floor. Brian has me on a tight budget, so I had no spending money, but my mother in law bought me 2 lamps, 2 glass bottles, salad servers, and an ice cream scoop. It was my birthday present. I saw tons of things I haven’t seen in person and have tons of ideas for our home. I just need to hold off and see if I still feel that way about things after we move, some time.

We were famished by the time we were done at Ikea, so we went in search of someplace to eat. The older ladies picked. Olive Garden. Really? I love Olive Garden and haven’t had it in over a year, but really? We could’ve had In N Out, Fuzzy’s, or any other place they can’t have at home. Oh well.


Tasty drink, too bad the waiter couldn’t keep my water glass full!!

We headed back to Arlington after that and went to Wal-Mart, the one right across from Cowboys Stadium. I wanted to show them the “cool” Wal-Mart in Arlington. Then, we headed home, everyone was pooped from the long day at Ikea.

Sunday, we woke up late. Brian had a long week last week and we were all just tired. We met them up at the Harley Davidson store in Grand Prairie (I have no pics, sorry). Brian got a few shirts and a hat for his late birthday presents. Then, it was off to the Outlet mall behind it. More shopping….ugh.

Then, we took them to Spring Creek BBQ for some real Texas BBQ. Yum. The complimentary ice cream (only on Sundays) was just icing on the cake. We went to Foundry to find some clothes for my father in law. They were amazed that you could get a beer while you shopped, for free.


Yup, we were those people. Brian, Charity and I all had waters. We are in Texas, what do you expect?

After Foundry, my mother in law hit the road. They didn’t make it back home until 1:30am, I think.

There was grocery shopping, rest, and dinner on the agenda for the rest of the day for us. I saved us $40!! Woot!! (Again, another post, another day.)

Did you have a good weekend? Ours was packed full of randomness and shopping. I hate shopping.

xoxo jes