Sauce and a Fire

So, I told you I had a funny story. Or maybe you never knew it was funny. Right now, it’s funny. In the moment, it wasn’t so much.

So, I bought an assload bunch of tomato sauce, ok, more like 5 cans and 2 cans of tomatoes. See?


Tom Thumb was having an amazing sale. I think I know why too. You really shouldn’t eat heavy ass pasta in the heat of summer. It only makes you hotter. Moving on…it was a dollar a can. SOLD! I thought that buying a bunch, making a lot of spaghetti sauce and freeze it. Good idea! Except, it’s like 100+ degrees in Arlington. I went on with the plan. So, I got my pan (I really need a 3 quart sauce pan) and put my oil in it.


I put it on the burner and turned it on. I started opening all 7 of my cans after I got my spices together. Then, sauce happened. Yup, I got tomato sauce on my shirt, right after I was thinking I should put on an apron. So, I ducked into the bathroom to put on a darker shirt. I step into the kitchen to a poof and the burner pan catching fire. Really? WTF?! So, I move the pan, shut off the burner and… I blew on it. Ha! Didn’t work. I also turned on the fan. Thankfully, my kitchen is small and the cups and sink is nearby. Nothing was harmed, except the burner pan. Oops. Also, there was a swear word thrown in.


So, I took a break and ended up making a giant batch of spaghetti sauce. I put some aside for the homemade pizza later this week and for dinner last night. I also have 4 batches for spaghetti and one for another pizza in the freezer. Yup, I made a bunch. So, it was a dollar for each batch. I had all other ingredients on hand.

I also wound up making a large batch of spaghetti last night. For some reason, I sometimes think I am a cooking for a small army. I made that much. So, for a change, I took it up to Brian’s work for him and his Sous chef. On the way there, I had a momentary freak out. I was taking my homemade spaghetti sauce to not just my husband, but another chef. Crap. Oh well.

There really is nothing saying that just because you married a chef, you are automatically an amazing cook. Nope. I have to work on it. And taste everything, more than once. I screw up, Brian will tell you’re have had some flops. It happens, all the time, even to chefs. Either way, I am glad they liked it, cause I have more where that came from!

So, that’s the story. And it was the first time I have caught a stove on fire, that wasn’t gas.

xoxo jes


Get saucy!

I have been lacking inspiration to post about. The benefit was fantastic. It is so great to see a community come together for each other.

Back to get saucy.. Do you eat spaghetti in your home? Do you just fry up some hamburger and dump ragu/prego/some other prepare sauce in it? Or do you use a store bought sauce and jazz it up? Or make your own?

I have done a variation of all. But, I am getting sick of the stuff tasting the same. There is only so much you can do to a store bought sauce to make it taste different. Plus, do you really know what’s in it?

Back in Missouri, we tried some of the worst sauces. I have given up them. It is no harder for me to pull out 2-3 cans of tomato sauce and flavor it up with what I have on hand than to dump a jar of sauce. It gives you the chance to be creative. And, it is cheaper.

Tonight, I made my own sauce, I hope C and B like it. My only wish: that I had some garlic in the house. Oh well. I never measure anyways so every time I make it, it might taste different. I just know that I created it myself and I know what I put in it. The key is to taste everything before just dumping more. I started off with the normal amount I would use to doctor up a normal sauce and went from there.

Things I have added in the past:
-onions, use onion flakes or fresh, not onion salt, it adds more salty flavor
-garlic, in all forms except salt, again because it adds a salt to the dish
-Italian seasoning
-salt, just to bring out the flavors, the key is to not go overboard with it, you want flavorful food, not salty
-pepper, yes, pepper
-sugar, tomatoes are acidic and sometimes certain brands are more acidic than others, you want to cut the acid, not sweeten the sauce

I need to be more adventurous in what I add, but those are things I typically keep on hand