I seem to have had lots of it and none of it was spent blogging. Yup. I am a slacker blogger. Deal with it, or don’t.

I have actually been pretty busy. We have furniture in our home, Charity’s room is done (for now), I have rehung pictures, made some crafts (some are finished, some I am still working on), and I found a job. Whoa, its a lot. Also, Charity is back in school and Brian opened a restaurant. Oh, and, we have a new addition to our family (no, I wasn’t secretly pregnant!).

There is more to come and I can’t wait to share with you how we are working with the odd layouts of our rooms, how we are changing things up and more of our plans for other rooms! Stick around, soon I will have stuff updated.


Pick it! Place #2

Here is a look at the second place we I looked at!


This is a view of the living room from the master bedroom door. The dining room is right next to it and I can’t show it because the only picture I have has the leasing agent. This is a model they have set up to show proportions, which I love because you can see a room better.



The master bedroom. They have a queen size bed in it.


Master closet. So roomy compared to our last place!

 photo 20130815_131045.jpgMaster bath
 photo 20130815_131125.jpgLinen closet in Master bath
 photo 20130815_131212.jpgLeft side of kitchen
 photo 20130815_131216.jpgRight side of kitchen. This opening is open to the living room, enough room for a couple stools.

 photo 20130815_131348.jpg

Pantry side of utility room
 photo 20130815_131423.jpgLaundry side of utility room
 photo 20130815_131444.jpgCoat closet, just outside the kitchen.
 photo 20130815_131542.jpgGuest/Charity’s bathroom
 photo 20130815_131620.jpgWhat would be Charity’s bedroom, again a queen bed is furnished in here.
 photo 20130815_131635.jpg

Charity’s closet?

That might be confusing, so here again is the layout:


Oddly, the model I looked at has this flipped.

So, now you have seen both places I went and looked at. Which do you think we picked?

xoxo jes


We have been living in our new place for awhile now. Before I go into where we moved to and space and new decorating and furniture, I wanted to go over what we were looking for.

Must haves
-2 bedrooms
-2 bathrooms
-accepts pets (mainly our dog)
-laundry room
-separate dining space
-central heating and air conditioning
-garbage disposal

Would be nice to have
-bedrooms on opposite sides of the apartment
-access to bathroom from 2nd (Charity’s) bedroom
-first floor apartment
-ceiling fans (yes, you read that right)
-walk-in closet for at least the master bedroom
-fireplace (just for the looks!)

Seems odd, right? Some of these things we have lived without and realized we don’t want to again. We also don’t have things like a backyard because we don’t want to rent another house. We would rather save our pennies for our own home.

What do you look for in a place? Are you as specific as we are?

Please note, I really wish I could blog more, but we still have not gotten Internet. My apologies.

Thwarted Efforts

We moved! The unfortunate part of it all is that we have really bad service at our new place so phone calls get dropped constantly and Internet access is very limited. Boo! I know if we get regular internet, we can access it with our phones and even make phone calls over Wi-Fi. It is just going to have to wait for a bit. Bear with me.

We have so much space here, I can fill my pantry with healthy foods, less processed stuff and our fridge with fruits and vegetables. We started trying to cook more with fresh stuff and even more from scratch recently and Brian and I love it. Charity, not so much.

See, I know how to cook and have plenty of recipes to feed us from scratch for years to come. We do buy an occasional frozen pizza, but I prefer making my own with homemade sauce. It is a convenient solution when I need something quick and easy. Not the homemade part, but the frozen pizzas.

So, here is where my efforts are being thwarted, Charity wants the processed crap. Yes,  I am her mom and I make the food choices. I get that. Except, she refuses to eat if it is something “she doesn’t like”. I can’t have her not eating, so, I am trying an experiment. We are. I bought chicken nuggets for the first time in over a year and a half. And tater tots. I am trying to compromise. I am trying to show her that homemade is better. I think maybe after a few weeks, I will give her homemade chicken nuggets. Show her that homemade can taste better than processed foods.

I hope it works and I can go back to making homemade soon. I can’t eat processed food all the time!

Do it!

I am a faithful reader of Post Secret. I read the secrets today and one talked about a magazine. This is kind of my response to the whole thing…

I have tools.  I get funny looks when I pull my Leatherman out of my purse. I worked for years at has stations and it’s just as easy for me to tighten a loose screw than wait for someone’s else to do it. My multi tool is awesome and I asked for one. I don’t need to wait around for a man to do something for me.

We have shopped at ikea. I personally put together what we have purchased. I have not lived at my dad’s house for almost 10 years, during that time, 6 of those years I wasn’t married. I bought furniture, so I had to put it together.

Even before I was married, I had a socket at under my car seat and some other general tools, none of which were pink.

Honestly, there is nothing that I can’t do. Yes, I have been waiting to hang pictures in my house for my husband to help, but he is 6’3, I am not. I don’t have a chair to stand on. And I want his input. I lived a single life and I have taught my daughter to do things on her own. I did so by example.

There is no reason why a woman can’t do certain things. People just live with the archaic idea that women belong in the kitchen, if that was true, why is my husband a chef?