Charity is 11!!

Charity turned 11 last month, on the 25th. She happened to be in Missouri for her birthday and her grandma took her and some cousins and friends to White Water in Branson, MO.

The weekend after, grandma and grandpa (my in-laws) threw her a party at their house. This is the 3rd year in a row she has had a birthday party there. They have a pool and the space to do it there, so it makes it fun for the kids. She also gets spoiled rotten by family up there.

She finally came back after spending 5 weeks away. She left a 10 year old and came back an 11 year old.

Brian has been working nonstop, 7 days a week for the last few weeks. I had to drive up to Oklahoma to meet my in-laws on my own. When we came back, instead of driving straight home, I took her to Brian’s new restaurant, a place she had never been as they were in the construction phase when she left.

Brian surprised us with food. I wasn’t very hungry after having a large lunch and Charity is a bottomless it these days. Plus, I made a cake and had it stashed in the cooler in the kitchen.

I missed the look on her face when she first saw the cake. Brian says it was a look of awe. I was busy singing her happy birthday. She had requested Mama Jean’s (Brian’s mom) chocolate sheet cake. I kicked it up and challenged myself. I made it into a 2 layer cake with buttercream frosting. (Something I hadn’t done in almost 5 years..unless you count the not so pretty cake I made 3 years ago for her birthday).


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